Sunday November 19th will forever be marked as the day our YouTube channel reached 10 million subscribers.


Both Alan and his team are humble and truly grateful for all your support, and look back with the greatest joy on all the comments, likes and dislikes on the channel over the past two years.


To say thank you Alan has decided to do something special for all the YouTube Walkers. Together with Noah Cyrus and Juliander he will do a one night only live performance at YouTube Space New York. The event will be released on Alan’s YouTube Channel on December 2nd.


As a thank you to everyone that has followed Alan since the beginning we would like to invite a small selection of Walkers to the recording that takes place Tuesday 28th of November. You will need to be at Youtube Space from 3.30pm to 8.00pm so remember to be available during that time!


We have already selected two Walkers from around the world who get to come join us for the recording in New York. They will be contacted shortly so we can arrange plane tickets and accommodation.


Now we need more Walkers that live in New York to join for the show! If you are up for a day of fun and a chance to meet with Alan, Noah and Julainder  you can fill in the new form below and tell us why you should be the New York Walker we invite! We have about 15 spots to fill and the competition ends Suesday 00.00am Eastern Time.

This time only Walkers living in New York are eligible for the draw.


Click here to enter


Once again! Thank you all so much for the support. We truly appreciate it!


– Team Alan Walker